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What does the tuition include?

In addition to the course itself, tuition includes a user-friendly handout sent in advance of each session. Each handout provides a detailed outline of the material covered in that session, so you are able to focus on the class interaction and don’t need to furiously scribble notes. In addition, you will receive a link to the recording for each session, so that you are able to review.

Am I able to interact with my instructor?

In Modules A and B, there is time for Q & A. Module C is a mastery course, whose goal is integrating the skills learned in Modules A and B. It includes raising real-life issues, practicing the skills and being coached. The Spirituality Course: “Humble Hillel and the Essence of Judaism,” has extended time for discussion.

Does the course have homework?

No homework is required. If you want to do supplemental reading, Uzi will provide suggestions.

What happens after I finish the class?

There are special events for graduates only. In addition, graduates who wish to repeat the course in order to deepen their understanding of the material may do so at a significantly reduced tuition. Graduates of Module C are entitled to call Uzi for a short, no-cost consultation, as needed.

What is your refund policy?

You may attend the first session of any course with no obligation, to see if it speaks to you.

In addition, all of Uzi’s courses come with this guarantee:

“If after completing one of Uzi’s courses you do not think that you received exceptional value for the tuition you invested, tell Uzi what was not satisfactory in the course and he will refund your tuition.”

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