Nov 22

Thanksgiving Message from Uzi

Thanksgiving Day is approaching, and I look around and see a mixed
picture. There are wars going on overseas, some of which we are
involved in, others we are not directly involved in but feel
connected to because they involve Israel. There is poverty,
sometimes crushing poverty, in our own country. Politics go on as
usual in Washington, and we can only hope there will be progress on
some issues soon.

In the midst of all this, it is so valuable to focus on the gifts
in our lives. And gratitude, as a dear friend recently pointed out,
begins with one's own personal situation. So here are things I am
grateful for, and I hope that this touches your heart and helps you
remember things that you can be grateful for.

I am grateful for my health, for getting up in the morning and
finding that I see and hear and type and walk and chew food. None
of this is taken for granted. And as I near my 57th birthday, I am
grateful for being alive. I think of some relatives of mine who did
not make it to this age. Life is the greatest gift.

I am grateful for the two naturopaths who treat me (one at no
charge-and yes, you can ask me for her name, and she treats long
distance). I am grateful that some months back I read Sugar Nation
and realized some things about eating and exercise. As I applied
the knowledge from the book I very quickly lost around 15 pounds,
got into clothing I hadn't been able to wear in a while, felt my
mood lift, and was finally able to take responsibility for my
health. (Who would have thought that one sugar-free hot cocoa at
Starbucks has around thirty grams of sugar-because of the milk! And
who would have thought that 20 minutes on the treadmill doing
Interval training is more effective than an hour on the treadmill
that is not interval? I tried interval training for the first time
back in July, and boy did I feel the difference-in my weight and in
my mood. First time I felt runner's high, and any bad mood blown
away... in twenty minutes!)

I am grateful for the communication skills I have learned over the
years--and continue to learn. I am grateful for the deeper
understanding of spirituality and religion that I have acquired
over the years, and the perspective it gives me on both areas.

I am also grateful to you, and to all the graduates I met as I
taught Communicating with Compassion (and Reading Bible with
Compassion) over these past ten years. I feel fortunate to have
gotten to know you, and to have made wonderful friendships.

I hope that your life is also filled with things to be grateful for
this holiday season. And as a graduate of my class, you are part of
the 'family' of Communicating with Compassion, and I hope that the
skills you learned continue to bring you blessing and enhanced

Wishing you the best on this holiday,

Uzi Weingarten

(Please feel free to pass this message along, provided it is
unchanged and the copyright below is included.)

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