Not only will you become a more effective friend, counselor, leader, parent, partner, or teacher, you will also become a more deeply compassionate person. Isn’t that what life is all about?” – Susan Saxe, Philadelphia PA


As a corporate trainer, I use these newly learned skills in business daily. This course is absolutely essential!” – Beri Schwitzer, Corporate Trainer, Champaign IL



Communicating with Compassion empowers you to transform your life and your relationships.” – Susannah Hogendorn, West Hartford CT


A colleague of mine faced a challenging professional situation. I knew, based on this course, what to say, and especially what not to say. It likely saved my job. This was a delicate situation that could have hurt my career in a moment.”
– Patti Lavine, Los Angeles CA


Uzi’s Communicating with Compassion course showed me how to be powerfully present with others. My relationships at home and work shifted dramatically. Uzi’s way of being also must be experienced. I am blessed with his grace and his gracefulness each time I connect with him.” – Cindy Lewis, MRET, CH, Phoenix AZ


Years of training, medical practice and teaching taught me the importance of being a good listener. I learned even more from Uzi Weingarten about “understanding another person’s experience…” and avoid jumping to premature, and often invalid, conclusions and offering inadequate advice. And by teaching in a kind, respectful way, Uzi models that kind of interaction. – Laurence Savett, M.D., St. Paul MN, Author of the book “The Human Side of Medicine”


Thank you for teaching us so thoughtfully the art of responding with compassion. I think back to my studies in social work school and I don’t remember ever being taught such specific skills that have been so very helpful. Thank you for making this difference in my life.” – Vicki R., Community Worker, New York



The Communicating with Compassion course helped me feel more confident in my ability to help people arrive at their own realizations and solutions. Uzi made it very clear how to have powerful and meaningful conversations. But more than that, this communication style is very fertile ground for the healing of all types of relationships. It really teaches you how to communicate with love, trust, respect and appreciation. As you get better at it, people can’t help but reflect that back to you. I heartily recommend it.” – Trevor Uruski, Health and Wellness Coach, Calgary AB



I participated in these calls last week and the week before, and was absolutely astounded (and delighted) at how masterfully Uzi teaches. Such a gentle being! A whole new dimension has opened for me in my coaching skills, filling a HUGE missing piece I didn’t even realize existed.” – Susan McMann, Sacramento CA



Uzi is an unusually good teacher and the course content is outstanding. I feel so grateful to have been a part of this wonderful class. I invite you to experience it for yourself and reap its many benefits!” – Barbara Allen, Saratoga Springs NY



Uzi Weingarten is a master teacher. The skills he teaches are vital for everyone to learn. They have changed my life, and they can change yours. I highly recommend these classes.” – Jean Zimmerman, Ormond Beach FL



In this course, I have deepened and broadened my approach to every human interaction. For example, a friend I have known for twenty-five years came to me recently with a problem. I used the “tracking” and empathic listening skills we have been learning and refining through the readings, Uzi’s lectures and our weekly practice. My friend contacted me some weeks after our talk and said the quality of my listening was amazing.” – Lori Klein, Attorney and Rabbi, Santa Cruz CA



For the first time in 25 years, I had a deep conversation with my sister-in-law.”
– David G., Waltham MA



Six years ago I participated in your Communicating with Compassion course. I remember how I could not understand certain reactions of people to me. In your course I realized how I was causing some of the angry reactions towards me. This was an inner process for me. Today I have more clarity, awareness and self-control, something that brings inner tranquility and positive feedback from people. Thank you for raising the quality of my life.” – Miriam Meltzer, Jerusalem, Israel



Just imagine if everyone in the world had these listening skills, and could better understand what the other was feeling, how different this world-in-need-of-healing would be.” – Maxine Elkins, Princeton NJ



I just cannot think of a human being who would not benefit from this class.”
– Dr. Harvey Rhoads, Chiropractor, Troy MO




Clergy Testimonials

Communicating with Compassion has been a vital part of both my congregational and chaplaincy work. A “must” not only for religious/spiritual professionals, but for all who care to help bring healing to a troubled world.” – Rabbi Richard Simon, Mount Holly NJ


You gave me the basis to listen with more understanding than I would have on my own, and it helped me tremendously in my communication with congregants.” – Rabbi Jackie Wexler, Greenport NY


This course should be required study for all doctors and nurses, lawyers, teachers, parents–anyone who ever deals with others. This is the training I have been seeking for years. Uzi has made me a far better rabbi and listener.” – Benjamin Sendrow, Fort Myers FL


Communicating with Compassion is a tremendous help in my life each and every day. It helps me be more understanding, open and a truly compassionate listener to others. Uzi is a phenomenal teacher and presents his material in a clear, concise and loving manner.” – Rev. Ralph Grzecki, Modesto CA


These skills can be applied to any relationship, be it familial, personal or professional. This is so important to us as clergy! No matter how much we think we know about this, my experience with Uzi is that there is so much to learn. I repeated the course and have now signed up for Practice Partner sessions, practicing these skills with another rabbi, with Uzi coaching.” – Cantor Michael Davis, Chicago IL


As compassionate people, we want to help those who seek us out to the best of our abilities. In just the first two sessions I learned how we can use these skills to better help people find a solution to their problems that will fit them best — without forcing our own ideas on them. It might seem to take a while to accomplish, but the way we do things now also takes time. I believe this method gives better results for the seeker while taking less of our psychic energy. This system of empathic communication can also be useful in our interactions w/ colleagues, co-workers, friends & family. This is a win-win solution & I urge you to acquire these skills now!” – Cantor Greg Yaroslow, Riverside CA


Uzi Weingarten’s course in Communicating with Compassion has helped me immensely in both my professional and personal life. Opportunities abound in the course of a normal week to practice his communication techniques. In the two years since I initially took Uzi’s course, I find that I have gradually incorporated more and more of what I learned into my personal interactions. For example, I am better able to keep a potential conflict from escalating by truly understanding and acknowledging the essence of what the other person is trying to express, whether it be my friend, colleague, husband, child or congregant. The course provided me with valuable tools, and I recommend it highly.” – Cantor Meredith Stone, Rye, NY


I have benefited greatly from Rabbi Uzi Weingarten’s Communicating with Compassion class, as have dozens of rabbis, cantors, educators and chaplains. Many of them have written that the skills he offers are worth their weight in gold, both for their professional benefits–serving our communities well, ease of dealing with staff, students, boards, congregants –and also for our relationships with family and friends. Whatever communication skills you have, the Communicating with Compassion phone conference course will take those skills to the next level.” – Rabbi George Barnard, Cincinnati OH


I am gaining greatly from Uzi’s course, as have many of our colleagues. No matter how much we as cantors know about communication, there is always more to learn. Uzi is a very skilled and masterful teacher, and learning with him is a joy. His focus is on: listening and responding in situations where emotions are present; communication mistakes to avoid; giving advice and feedback effectively; and preserving others’ dignity. This is invaluable as we serve our congregations, schools, and other Jewish organizations.” – Cantor Linda Shivers, Congregation Neveh Shalom, Portland OR


As a cantor who also holds a Masters degree in Social Work, I have learned my share of communication skills yet, I found that Uzi’s course took everything to the next level, giving me a new set of cutting-edge skills. The effect in my day-to-day life as I applied these skills to both personal and professional situations has been dramatic. In addition, the format of Uzi’s course—combining his presentation with practice in which participants raise real-life situations—allowed me to gain clarity on complex issues I was dealing with. Uzi also gives every participant a private hour of individual coaching to practice skills or discuss any issue.” – Cantor Nancy Ginsberg, MSW, Baltimore MD



As a spiritual leader active in my community, your course is a welcome asset for me to better do my work. Each lesson is clearly laid out and the material is carefully explained with plenty of opportunity to really grasp the essence of what is being taught. Your teaching style works well in terms of the patient, unhurried way in which you present, the inclusive approach that you employ that allows for all to participate and in the way you utilize practice to illustrate how well communicating with compassion truly achieves results. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this course not only to other students but also to public and private sector organizations looking to change their corporate environment for the better.” – Jeremy Parnes, Regina SK