Dec 31

New Years Message from Uzi

The new year is almost upon us. I hope you have had a joyous
holiday season, and that the new year bring you much happiness and

I am excited as I look to 2013. First, I expect that the book I

began and almost completed will be ready. This will bring the
message of Communicating with Compassion to a much wider audience.
I have worked on this book for much of 2012, and look forward to
completing it shortly. (And yes, if you know of a good book writing
and book publishing coach, please pass the name along.)

With the book largely complete, I will go back to offering

tele-courses again, both on Communicating with Compassion and on
Five Skills to Giving Really Good Advice. You will have the chance
to attend no-cost sessions; I will write you more about this in
early 2013.

You can also look forward to the Wisdom Nuggets, which I hope

enhance your life by helping you communicate better. In 2012 I
wrote them monthly; going forward I hope to write them twice a

This past year has also been the first time that I coached a couple

using the skills of masculine/feminine dynamics that I got
certified in a while back. I was gratified to see that these
skills, combined with the skills of Communicating with Compassion,
provided this couple with new approaches and that the breakup of
their relationship, which had been imminent, has been averted

Taking a larger perspective, I hope that 2013 is a year of peace

and prosperity. I also hope it is a year of greater compassion, by
which I mean that things get resolved with greater understanding
for the other and with greater cooperation.

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2013,


Bernard Uzi Weingarten

Communicating with Compassion