Communicating with Compassion Telecourse Details


More than any other skill, the ability to communicate in an effective, respectful manner, is the key to successful relationships. “Communicating with Compassion” gives you the skills and the way of being to translate into reality your desire to communicate skillfully, with dignity and grace.”

– Uzi Weingarten

If you desire to not only learn the skills of effective, heart-centered communication, but also to master   them and be able to apply them in real-life situations, this course is for you.

Through Your Participation In This Course You Will Discover:

  • 5 skills of listening and responding with effective empathy
  • 5 Communication mistakes to avoid
  • 5 keys to offering effective advice and feedback
  • How to affirm the dignity of the other and avoid shame-based responses
  • The “way of being” of compassion–the underlying attitudes and approaches that are the foundation for all these skills.

The skills are effective in both personal and professional settings, and they will bring you closer to family, friends, clients and colleagues. What you learn in Communicating With Compassion is practical and immediately applicable–apply it to your life and watch the magic happen


The first 2 tele-conference sessions (out of 10) are offered as a gift to you! These two sessions focus on some of the most important skills of effective communication. And since this is a tele-course, you will be calling from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.


          “Communicating with  Compassion” Is About Learning And Mastering

Some of the skills of Communicating with Compassion can be learned just by listening. Many of the skills, however, can be mastered only with seeing them demonstrated, and then practicing and being coached.

It is like learning how to ride a bike–you don’t learn by watching or by hearing it explained. You need to get on the bike and get your own sense of balance. That is the difference between learning the skills and mastering them. And this is a mastery course


“Communicating With Compassion”
Is Hands-On Learning

This is why this course is limited to 8 students. It allows each participant to practice and be coached in each session. “Communicating with Compassion” is a small, intimate group that meets for 10 one-hour sessions. This gives you time between sessions to internalize and start practicing what you learn.

At the beginning of each session there is time for your questions, comments, and experiences in applying the skills. This is followed by presentation of the skills to be learned that day, and then by demonstration, practice and being coached in applying the skills in real life situations.

In addition, each participant has one individual hour with Uzi to discuss the subject of their choice. Whatever your communication skills currently are, “Communicating with Compassion” will take them to the next level.


Registration information:


Dates: 10 Wednesdays, March 13—June 12 (skipping 3/27, 4/3, 5/15, 5/22)

Times: 2:00-3:00 PM Eastern (11:00-12:00 AM Pacific)

plus one individual session

First 2 sessions you can sample at no cost:


Dates: Wednesday Mar 13 and 20 Thursdays, 4/25 – 6/27,

Time: at 2-3 PM Eastern Time (11-noon Pacific),

and one more meeting to be decided by the group

First 2 sessions you can sample at no cost:


Communicating With Compassion Course Details:


  • 10 one-hour highly interactive sessions
  • Presentation, demonstration, practice, and coaching
  • User -friendly handout for each session
  • Regular Tuition: $468 
  • Payment plans: available upon request
  • For Graduates  $234.00   for the full course:  $125.00  for sessions 6-10
  • Tax-deductible as a business expense for almost anybody who has earned income
  • Maximum 8 students to ensure individual attention.



badges3-orangeI don’t simply guarantee satisfaction; I guarantee exceptional value: “If after completing the course you do not believe that you received exceptional value for the time and tuition you invested, tell me what was not satisfactory in the course and I will refund your tuition.”






                 What Students Are Saying About            Communicating With Compassion

Uzi Weingarten is a master teacher. The skills he teaches are vital for everyone to learn. They have changed my life, and they can change yours. I highly recommend these classes.”

– Jean Zimmerman, Ormond Beach FL

In this course, I have deepened and broadened my approach to every human interaction.”
-Lori Klein, Attorney and Rabbi, Santa Cruz CA

I just cannot think of a human being who would not benefit from this class.”
– Dr. Harvey Rhoads, Chiropractor, Troy MO