Communicating with Compassion

 Do You Wish You Could Communicate More Skillfully,

With The People You Care About The Most?”


After 10 years of teaching students from many different career paths from corporate executives, sales professionals to ministers and those in the helping professions,  the Skills of How to Listen which Uzi describes in his introductory sessions as the greatest gift we can give to someone. 

About Bernard Uzi Weingarten

Uzi Weingarten is uniquely qualified as a teacher of interpersonal communication skills. He is certified as an Advanced Trainer of Effective Communication Strategies and an Advanced ASR Coach. (ASR is largely about masculine-feminine dynamics.) In addition, he holds a Masters degree in the field of Education, is ordained as a rabbi, and has studied spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica. Uzi has been interviewed on the radio on the subject of communication skills both in the United States and overseas.

c-callsUzi created the acclaimed Communicating with Compassion course, which he taught on-site across the country and as a 10-session interactive phone conference course. Participants have come from all walks of life, from attorneys and business heads to helping professionals to stay-at-home moms. Even trained communicators such as health-care workers, coaches, consultants and therapists find the course to be of great value. He has been interviewed on radio both in the US and overseas on the subject of interpersonal communication skills.

Uzi is now writing his book, “How To Give Advice And Get Back Gratitude Not Attitude,” on the art of giving advice skillfully, which means respectfully, considerately and effectively.

Uzi also provides highly effective individual coaching and consultation using his communication and spiritual skills.


What We Offer


Think of some of the trickiest situations you face in communicating with others. For example, how to listen and respond when emotions are present. Or “How To Give Advice” and get back gratitude and not resentment. And what might be the most complex of all, which is how to speak with a significant other.


You can find here phone conference courses in each of these areas. Click on the various links to see which course or seminar is right for you. Apply the skills and watch your relationships improve and the quality of your life be enhanced.

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If you have a desire for spiritual study, click on the Torah study link and see what is being offered.  In short, look around see what best fits your needs. And don’t forget to sign up for the monthly newsletter. It has a Wisdom Nugget with valuable information as well as promotions and special offers.

What Others Are Saying About

 Bernard Uzi Weingarten

“Showed Me How To Be Powerfully Present With Others”

Uzi’s “Communicating with Compassion course”Communicating with Compassion course showed me how to be powerfully present with others. My relationships at home and work shifted dramatically. Uzi’s way of being also must be experienced. I am blessed with his grace and his gracefulness each time I connect with him.

– Cindy Lewis, MRET, CH, Phoenix AZ


“…Become A More Deeply Compassionate Person.”

Not only will you become a more effective friend, counselor, leader, parent, partner, or teacher, you will also become a more deeply compassionate person. Isn’t that what life is all about?

– Susan Saxe, Philadelphia


“Thank You For Making This Difference In My Life.”

Thank you for teaching us so thoughtfully the art of responding with compassion. I think back to my studies in social work school and I don’t remember ever being taught such specific skills that have been so very helpful. Thank you for making this difference in my life.

– Vicki R., Community Worker, New York



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